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Sennheiser HD4.50 BTNC - Rushing/Hissing Noise in Left Ear

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by WantoN, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. WantoN


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    So I’ve had these cans for a while now. Picked them up for about £80 in an Amazon sale in July, and for the price I was very happy with the noise cancelling, isolation and SQ, though they’re not the most comfortable imo, and buttons are a bit stupid.

    I hadn’t used them for a couple of weeks. Dug them out of the car, put them on, and there’s this weird hissing/rushing noise in the left ear. This is ONLY when noise cancelling is on, when I turn it off, it goes away.

    They’re definitely still cancelling noise, though not as well as before. And the noise is too distracting to use them in NC mode, it’s not quiet, is audible during playback, and the balance is off too. When I turn NC off, it goes, but bass response is suddenly noticeably weaker.

    Any ideas? And without the box and accessories (I ususally keep them!) have I got any chance to return them to Amazon?
  2. Disco_P


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    Amazon will almost certainly take them back even without all the accessories. I get a small amount of background noise when NC is on, nothing is playing but I am in a silent environment.
  3. Marsman


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    They should take them back without box or accessories, because the product itself will be covered by at least a one year warranty with the retailer. I think the majority of Sennheiser products have a two year warranty, but highly likely only the first year will be with Amazon, unless specified. After that, then you would need go to Sennheiser directly after the first year, as retailers often offer no more than one year warranty.

    You should be able to request a repair under warranty.