Setup advice required - new soundbar

6 Dec 2002
I've just purchased a soundbar which is arriving tomorrow. Its my first soundbar so I need some advice on the best setup.

This is my current setup :

Nvidia shield & Virgin cable box going into a Samsung 55" 4k TV via the tv's hdmi 2.0 ports. I use my shield far more than the virgin box. TV has 1 free hdmi port which is also the arc port.

My new soundbar (LG SL6Y) has 2 hdmi ports. 1 is the arc port and other is a standard input. They are hdmi 1.4 though.

Since I use my shield most, I've read that its best to go shield > soundbar > TV via arc. But the problem is that the sound bar is only hdmi 1.4. I'm not sure how that would affect the 4k streaming.

So is it OK to keep the shield and virgin box plugged directly into the TV and then connect the soundbar to the 3rd hdmi arc port ? I've read somewhere that this could cause lip sync issues though.

Hope this makes sense. Cheers
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