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Should 16 year old's be allowed to vote?

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by ultralaser, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Radox-0

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    I think they should vote. I have seen questionable rationale for voting the way people did from all age groups.

    I fully imagine even if they were given the rights, only those who generally care or interested in politics, hence actually form more rational reasons for voting the way they did would turn up to vote anyways.
  2. Herojuana

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    No, just wait until you're 18
  3. MadMossy


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    No a 16 year old will vote for who ever their teacher tells them too. Even at 18 your still on the young side to really understand what your vote is doing.
  4. ots3go


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    As opposed to others voting for whomever their parents vote for, voting just because they always vote for their 'side', or voting for who the media tells them to vote for?
  5. SPG


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    Which does proves the point even more that a 16 year old should not be allowed to vote..............
  6. McManicMan


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    voting should be 21+, in your teens all you want to do is get laid and drunk for the majority of them. Also you should be made to vote, too many people sit on the side line, if you then don't vote make them pay a charge or something like £500 deductible from their income via government methods. Harsh, maybe but at least we should have a true representation of votes
  7. platypus


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    As opposed to those who vote for whom Rupert Murdoch tells them too? Which is worse?

    Look at the correlation of who voted to leave the EU and the average age of who reads the Daily Mail as an example. Judging from that we should definitely prevent people around the age of 58 voting, because they're ******* idiots. On average.
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