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Should I scale down on the PSU ?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by KarolW92, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. KarolW92


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    Just a random question - I've always thought a little more is better than not enough.
    My specs are in the signature.
    What I am asking is, should I consider getting a lower rated PSU ? Currently on 850w PSU.
    I will be OC'ing the 8700k furthermore probably to 4.9 once my Noctua cooler arrives.
    Should I get something like 750w ?
  2. Zefan


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    Completely pointless unless you intend on using that 850w PSU for something else that requires it. A 750w unit (everything else being equal) will be less efficient, as it'll be working closer to its maximum output, and you'll definitely end up spending more money by buying a new unit, even if you sell your old one to offset.
  3. gogoyippy


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    Your current PSU is fine. I wouldn't see a need to scale down. Unless you haven't bought it and you're looking at a 750w that is rated higher in efficiency? Even then, the one you've chosen should be good!