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Should Intel offer cost down embedded desktops.

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by jigger, 28 Oct 2021.

  1. jigger


    Joined: 28 May 2007

    Posts: 16,729

    With Intel’s motherboard release cadence essentially meaning desktop boards are upgraded with CPU’s I think offering embedded parts would make a lot of sense.
    Last edited: 28 Oct 2021
  2. Cooler running

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Mar 2019

    Posts: 1,116

    Location: Channel Islands

    They already have a line of SOC parts for their pro-sumer lineup, Xeon-D. They've never been very popular but have existed for some time, last refreshed in 2019. You could defiantly use them as a desktop. I was trying to get one for my home lab until I just gave up and used a 3700x instead.

    When it comes to cost-down; I'd imagine as Alder lake is effectively the cores from a J5040 glued onto another chip, that they will likely refresh Gemini Lake with the new Alder Lake little cores.

    I always though Gemini lake presented good value for money, and would like to see something similar on some new boards that don't suffer for the anemic IO/PCIE support as the typical Gemini Lake SOC's had (looking at you asrock!).
    Last edited: 28 Oct 2021
  3. Destination


    Joined: 31 May 2009

    Posts: 20,887

    If they embedded they would be responsible for the cooling solution, frankly good luck with that with the current 11th gen and the forthcoming 12th gen.
    Built in fridge..... or a fridge with a build in 'smart' processor from spintel.