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Should there be a disparity in voltages? (Twin Frozr 5850)

6 Feb 2011
Been having hell with this card, it does NOT like overclocking or overvolting at all. I think I have been led down a false path in attempting to get this thing overclocked, based on this picture


This was one screenshot I resized it for viewing convenience.

As you can see, Afterburner reports a voltage across the GPU of 1.164mV, yet the "VDDC" is 1.088V. Upping the voltage on afterburner does nothing to this VDDC value. I'll admit that I do not know what VDDC means, but surely it should be the same value? All other values are consistent with each other apart from this one. I trawled the internet and found reports of people with the 5870 from MSI attempting to overvolt and having it report wrongly, is this happening to me?

Their solution was to update their bios and afterburner, I'm running the latest afterburner, and the BIOS posted my Mr Krugga in the official MSI 5850 thread, however I had the same thing happening even on the BIOS the card was shipped with.

Thoughts? solutions?
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