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Silent Cooler Recommendation Ryzen 1600

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by SoliD, 10 Feb 2021.

  1. SoliD


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    I'm currently running a Ryzen 1600 in an NZXT H510 with 2x Arctic Cooling P14 and 1 x P12 but stock cooler is quite noisy when it ramps up. What is the best cooler that is actually in stock anywhere for £50-60. Don't mind AIO or air coolers.

    Was looking at Noctua U12S or Arctic Freezer 2 as something for comparison, think I've got about 160mm to play with from MB to case.
  2. Grimley


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    Most of the Scythe models would fit the bill if you can get them. Frostytech is a good site for CPU cooler reviews.
  3. EViLHomer48


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  4. Drumroll

    Wise Guy

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    Dark Rock 4, non Pro should be a whisper.
    Slightly over at 64 here on OC.
    Cheaper option Arctic Freezer 34 esports.
    I would also recommend setting longer gaps for temperature in BIOS, let's say 40% up to 50C, 50% up to 65C and 70% (or higher) 75C.
    Also wothy using some delay of how long before the fans speed up and down, avoiding constant droning. (usually 2. something seconds, or 6 seconds).
    The offset temperature the 1000 series uses (at least the 1600x I had used) would "force" the fans to speed-up every time.