Sky Wireless connection causes laptop to freeze

24 Jul 2003
South East Coast
Since moving back to my parents we signed up to Sky's unlimited Broadband, the connection here is terrible averaging 2.5-3mb down.

As the speed was so slow I decided to use the connection wirelessly (previously had 24MB and always had ethernet plugged in). It seemed to have been relatively stable although the download speed fluctuated a reasonable amount.

Basically I have a AC Ryan Playon HD which is plugged into the router via ethernet and then sometimes stuff is streamed through the laptop. Occasionally this has frozen in the past but few and far between, usually just a glitch with the file. However, it has been freezing the laptop frequently so decided to just test a bit and even without the Playon being used if the laptop is connected wirelessly (and uTorrent etc running) the laptop will freeze after a few minutes (Wasn't doing it for days but now seems like its an 'instant kill'). It did it 4 times last night before I thought I would try the ethernet which as of waking up this morning works absolutely fine and the laptop hasn't frozen once.

I believe its a Sky Sagem router and don't have problem with the signal strength as the router is in the same room.

Does anyone have anyideas why it is doing this? When it freezes the hard drive light still goes constantly and i've left it for several minutes to see if it un-locks but it doesn't.
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