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SLI 8800 GTs oc vs single 460 GTX ... next big step up?

13 Sep 2011
So, I've just gone from overclocked 8800 GT SLI to a single 460 GTX .. and to be honest, not really happy ... what is the next best card for a reasonable ammount of cash ... ideally i want to play the next lot of games (BF3, MW3, RAGE, Skyrim) @ 60fps @ *x1050 res 6:10

old setup
2x 512 ram
2x 690/1800/940 (core/shader/mem)
uprated cooler
65 degrees load

new setup
1x 1024 ram
1x 675/1350/1800 (core/shader/ram)
stock cooler
90 degrees load

my machine specs
680i A1 EVGA N Force board (latest bios)
Q6600 oc to 3gz
6gig ram (not sure on speed2 corsair, 2 unknown)

now, yes it runs some games better, mainly hard reset .. the jump there is a god send, up from 30FPS to 50 .. however everything else ... not so much ...

deus ex is actually worse!
fallout lv is even more buggy, NPCs on screen cause FPS to drop from 60->10!
(noticed this is a common issue, however the fixes dont want to work for this car and give me a black screen on loading)

now, i got the card dirt cheap, so no big loss, can probably sell for a profit.. however whats more important is

what card shall i get to run the new wave of games about to hit!?

i just want bang for buck, and to be able to cruise at 60fps on a low resolution ...

would another 460 GTS SLI give me what i need? or am i better off going for a bigger /newer card?

recommendations please :( ... card prices don't look too pretty!
17 Feb 2009
Did you clean OS with DriverSweeper (for example) just before GTX 460 drivers install ?
I've had 2xGTS 250 in SLI, later changed to GTX 460 and it's all good - I mean better, no such big framedrops as before. But frankly and truly, I've changed platform to SB, too - it helped even more (Q9550 -> i5-2300).
22 Oct 2008
Yeah check you have all drivers removed from the old 8800's

I'd try a fresh windows install but as a last resort try the 560 or the 6950 cards
13 Sep 2011
thanks, the drivers are the same for the 8800gt and the 460 gtx but i did re-install them

ill try sweeping them tomorrow :)
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