SLI use ?

27 Jan 2005
Letchworth Herts uk
Hi All I want to know what anyone else thinks ,but am i right in saying that the 680 SLI & 650 SLI Boards are solely aimed at the gamers market ? and if your not a gamer then its a waste of money ? as the SLI was designed for duel Graphic cards & better graphics for playing p.c games ? As i don,t see any other use for the SLI Chipset ,unless i,m missing the point ? as i don,t see a reason why a normal p.c user would want to get an SLI Board . :confused:

maybe i,m off the mark ! :eek:
plus read this ...which is why i,m thinking
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1 Jan 2007
Scotland - Wishaw
One thing thats not very common these days that you have on the 650sli is dual IDE ports which could be a clincher for people who has a lot of IDE devices.

Which really has nothing to do with gaming :)

IMHO don't knock a board just because it has SLI in its name even though you arent a gamer. You should always pick a board for what you need and if you need 4 IDE devices you pick a board with 2 IDE ports etc.

So features and budget is what should decide what you purchase :)
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