Small form factor advice needed...



26 Jan 2009
Hi all, I could do with some input from all of you in the know, so here goes!

I do a lot of video editing / 3d modelling rendering / cad type stuff - no real gaming as such and if I do it's not very often.

My current machine is an Asus p5Q Deluxe with 8gb ram, Q9550 / 2x Raid 0 Velociraptors / Be Quiet 650 psu and an NVIDIA Quadro 4500 gpu.

The truth is, that other than the GPU slot, i've never actually had a need to use the other expansions slots, so it got me thinking - all I could really do with would be a motherboard / system which I could just swap my guts over to and plonk my gpu into.

I'd like it to occupy a small footprint, so I was thinking shuttle or even smaller if possible - as I say, it's really only the PCIe slot I need

I don't run card readers and the like as it's all on the monitor, or a hub. and at a push for the right mobo I could build the case myself.

What I don't have a clue on is whether you need a new psu / coolers etc, or use your own.

When I was a mac fanboy, they used to have a system called the G4 cube, it was 8 inches square and all it had was a single slot for a GPU - as all the rest was onboard.

Tiny form factor experts help me out here! :)
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