So what's the Grays of the Canon world?

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30 Jun 2005
London Town!
Being a Nikon user I love visiting Grays of Westminster, who've been very helpful and full of good advice every time I've had cause to visit. They're not my usual Nikon dealer for DSLRs and stuff but are great for manual focus lenses and the like.

So what does the Canon world have to offer in comparison? I ask mainly as I friend has done her camera some damage and wanted to pop in somewhere specialist and get a bit of advice.

Preferably in London (and the various, very decent, people who'll do it by post aren't of interest, looking for somewhere it's possible to pop in for a chat).

Who is there?
3 Sep 2009
Dont think you are going to get it mate - Grays is quite unique in that respect.
I love the place, and theres some great photo opportunites between it and victoria station as well.
Certainly adds icing on the cake to being a Nikon owner.