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Some T-Shirts are against the law!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stockhausen, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. stockhausen


    Joined: Jul 30, 2006

    Posts: 11,104

    The "obscene" word would certainly cause alarm or distress to somebody - but probably not to Boris Johnson who would almost certainly see it as a welcome invitation :p
  2. Zefan


    Joined: Jan 15, 2006

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    Location: Tosche Station

    It looks like you've made the free speech part bold yourself, why? It doesn't appear to be relevant to the story where the police have told someone to cease displaying profanity in public.

    I wouldn't expect to be allowed to walk around in public wearing or holding anything that had that kind of language prominently displayed.
  3. adolf hamster


    Joined: Oct 18, 2012

    Posts: 7,258

    So the issue is profane language?

    God help us if they decide imagery also counts or iron maiden are gonna have a hard time selling merch...
  4. theone8181


    Joined: Mar 27, 2013

    Posts: 4,149

    What word was it (sorry for being dense).
  5. Daftbrown

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 23, 2013

    Posts: 1,199

    Location: Surrey

    Judging by the OP, I would guess it was a word featuring the letter F and then the name Boris Johnson.
  6. Freakbro


    Joined: Jul 29, 2010

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    Location: Lincs


    (swear filter :p)
  7. Malevolence


    Joined: Oct 21, 2011

    Posts: 14,438

    So does this mean FCUK clothes are now offensive because dyslexics exist?
  8. randomshenans


    Joined: Sep 11, 2009

    Posts: 11,647

    Location: France, Alsace

    Was merely F... Boris
  9. McstylisT

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 8, 2008

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    Location: In Lockdown England

    Not acceptable especially being the Prime Minister of the Country. Show some respect or be arrested.

    The difference is free speech is truth, or a factual opinion.
    This is a “hate” toward or a defamation of Boris as a person. They should be charged with hate crimes.

    Now reword the slogan to “I don’t support Boris”, or “I didn’t vote for Boris” even “I can’t stand Boris” and there isn’t an issue. But it’s not about the message. That message wouldn’t bring justification to the person wearing it. They want to preach hate. Plus be allow to get away with it.
  10. MikeTheNative


    Joined: Jun 17, 2012

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    Location: South Wales

    So when Katie Hopkins preaches hate on the private company twitter it's free speech but a t shirt is too far?
  11. Pawnless Endgame


    Joined: May 10, 2004

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    Location: Sunny Stafford

    What about that Nirvana t-shirt? It had a white smiley face and a certain 4-letter word. Should that be banned too?
  12. McstylisT

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 8, 2008

    Posts: 2,485

    Location: In Lockdown England

    Well let’s analyse.

    When did Hopkins wear a T shirt swearing or implying a “hate” to the same level.

    What she did on “most” instances is tell the truth of current situation. Then people associate what she has said to “other” meanings etc.

    Not really the same as an F U Boris t shirt is it. ?
  13. Maccy


    Joined: Nov 23, 2004

    Posts: 36,607

    Location: Herts

    Is there a source for this interesting piece of journalism?
  14. McstylisT

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 8, 2008

    Posts: 2,485

    Location: In Lockdown England

    Who is the t shirt directed at ?
    Nobody. Unlike the example.

    I see your point though.
  15. RDM


    Joined: Feb 1, 2007

    Posts: 20,472

  16. Ahleckz


    Joined: Nov 7, 2009

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    Location: Glasgow

  17. McstylisT

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 8, 2008

    Posts: 2,485

    Location: In Lockdown England

    The Hopkins parts have mainly all been removed when she got banned from twitter. I could have posted otherwise. So can’t I’m afraid.

    But I can’t remember her ever using a “ F U comment or branding a T shirt directly to any group”. Maybe f sake at a news story etc.

    For context , we have two T shirts.

    1.) F U Boris
    2.) F U BLM

    now to me they are different.

    But the BLM one would get more attention, more outrage (left of course).

    Yet the worse one for me is the Boris.

    With all this unrest and shouts of racism lately surely a T shirt directly F U ing anyone or directly aimed at a race can’t be constructive, is my point really.
  18. Haggisman


    Joined: Oct 6, 2004

    Posts: 13,238

    Location: Birmingham

    The man is an incompetent buffoon who is steadily making this country the laughing stock of the world. Please feel free to go ahead and tell me what exactly he has done to earn respect?

    In what way is it "hate" or defamation (do you even know what that word means? From the way you are using it it doesn't seem so). It's also not threatening...

    Yes it uses profanity, which I agree should probably not be displayed so prominently, but that's the only issue with it. Would you be happy if instead it said "Boris is a bloody idiot" or "Screw Boris"?

    And "they should be charged with hate crimes?" Jesus wept, get some perspective :rolleyes:
  19. McstylisT

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 8, 2008

    Posts: 2,485

    Location: In Lockdown England

    Defensive , defensive

    He may well be so. I don’t particularly agree with you but respect your opinion on the matter. However even if those things were totally true, that doesn’t give the right for one to wear a T shirt F U on it. Or give the right to condone such childish behaviour.
    Yes if you want to “pick hairs” then yes your other slogan suggestion is fine.

    The other fluff you wrote is just that. Pure fluff.
    How is a F U Boris T shirt not hate. ? Loooool

    Please don’t insult my intelligence. I know it’s a trait of the left but keep them to yourself thank you.
  20. stockhausen


    Joined: Jul 30, 2006

    Posts: 11,104

    I think you would need a very large T-Shirt adequately to list Johnson's failings - a marquee would seem essential.

    Personally I don't hate Johnson, I just despise the utterly dishonest, arrogant, bumbling buffoon.