SONY XR75X90JU owners/opinions , 75" TV's & Dolby Vision a must?

24 Jul 2008
Good evening guys.

My sole purpose of upgrading was adding size and as much as i can 75" being the max as i have floor standers also and the wall aint big enough unless i increase the raise the overall height of the tv which i dont want.

I have a budget which im trying best to stick too at £1500 budget.

I would like the best picture quality i can get along with :-

* 120HZ

* 2.1HDMI

* Dolby Vision

We have recently welcome 7 week old twins in the house so i have found myself watching more TV and less on the PC gaming
, that being said the room is always lit up lamps , blinds open etc adding to the fact Disney channel will be running 24/7 in the house in just a few shorts months means OLED prob wont be best suited

So it'll be nice to upgrade & i'd like peoples opinions on the SONY BRAVIA XR75X90JU it has all the above features with VRR arriving soon (Tumble weed gif)

if my issues with currys get sorted (long story) i should be able to pick up set for £1350 which is a great price.

Reviews seem very good with a few issues but alot of the reviews were made when the set cost a whooping £2500 on initial release.

Do we have any owners of the above set to offer input or anybody chip in to something else i should take a look at?

I do have a costco membership and also access to the samsung EPP store.

other sets Samsung QE75Q70AATXXU which again was told to stay away from samsung because of the lack of Dolby Vision.