Sorry - another 'spec me a monitor' (24" / 25")

10 Mar 2009
South West
After trawling the many threads on the subject, I am rather lost so would really appreciate some help please.

I'm looking to retire my current monitor (Benq G2420HDBL) as it doesn't have HDMI which I need for my Pi projects.

The principle use is for gaming in which I mainly play Arma 3 and fast visual FPS such as Doom (2016) etc.

I don't have space for 27" so looking for 24-25" which would be ideal. Also I have no idea which input type is the best but I have a Radeon R9 200 series. I’m also a bit lost as to whether IPS panels are best and whether best to avoid due to budget.

Budget is £200-300.

Any advice would be really be appreciated.
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