Sound BlasterX G6 or Sound Blaster X3

18 Sep 2005

Looking to purchase a new external sound card to power head phones and external speakers (Audio Pro Addon T14), will be used mainly for listening to music and closely followed by gaming, which of the following products would you recommend (both priced the same)...?

Sound BlasterX G6 & Sound Blaster X3

Or are there other sound cards that I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance!
21 Oct 2002
East England
Not sure if you solved this one by now, but incase you're still looking.

I've only ever owned the SBX G6 of these two options (no longer own it though). Personally I would take the G6 over the X3 because it's bit more of an all rounder (i.e. well suited to console gaming) and better specs.

Although these days I'd take a plain stereo DAC/AMP (i.e. Topping DX3+, ZenDAC, Fiio K11, K7 or something similar). And use the RCA outputs for speakers. Indeed I have a setup atm with two Fiio DAC/AMPs connected to two seperate PCs going into one pair of Edifier speakers. You do lose software features but I think you get a bump up in audio quality. And if 3D or VSS is important there is PC software like Dolby Atmos for Heaphones to help with that.

Things like, budget, how you are connecting to the speakers, sort of headphones being used and if you need a microphone input are possibly factors to consider.
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29 Jun 2007
G6 owner here too and I went from "upgrading" constantly to being happy with this for about the last 4 years now.

Same as me been using the G6 and Beyer Tygr's for last 3 years exclusively , ZenDacs,Schiit, cambridge audio are all gathering dust as well as Several high end headphones , if i want music its Alexa streamed to a couple of powered Edifiers.
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