Soundbar for 55" TV

25 Oct 2010
I've been tasked with finding a decent soundbar for my niece's new TV, the 10w down-firing speakers aren't very inspiring and she's after an improvement. Budget is around £150-200, she would prefer a soundbar but is open to 5.1 setups should any be in budget.

Soundbars aren't really something I've ever looked into, I understand that some people hate them and others love them. She's asked me to look at the following, but is open to suggestions:

Sony HT-S20R - £199

TCL TS6110 - £110

The TCL looks to be decent for the price according to the review over on RT'ings, but I've a few concerns about it. For one there's no way to control the sub volume, there's also a lot of complaints about the sub failing to pair with the soundbar as well as general quality issues.

The Sony looks to be decent, perhaps a bit too good to be true for the price. It seems to have been aimed primarily at the India market and user reviews are generally very positive, that said I can't find much on it from decent sources. There's one fairly good review on youtube, but it's from a channel I've never heard of before.

I've been looking at the Yamaha YAS-107 which seems to be a better bet, although it's a bit on the expensive side at the moment at £200 for a 2017 model that used to go for £160. That said, it reviews extremely well on AV Forums and has other benefits, such as a sub-out port so that one can be added down the line if she wants more bass.

Any suggestions are welcome, it's an absolute minefield finding detailed information on some of the available kit, and that's without all the cheap Chinese crap that's flooded the market with fake and incentivised reviews.
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4 Dec 2002
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I picked up a LG SL4Y 2.1 Wireless Soundbar last year for my TV and its been great, has eARC. I believe you can change hte volume of the sub, but never needed to as seemed fine out of the box for my needs.
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