Spec me a 240gb ssd

28 May 2007
I am looking to spend around £200-250. Its gonna be used for my main drive. I have not got a clue really as most of the specs i read look similar.
19 Dec 2003
Grimsby, UK
TheRealDeal >> I'm in the same boat as you, want to get my Z77 rig up and running with an SSD as the primary drive.

I've been looking at the Crucial M4 256GB, the only thing that put me off is the 3 year warranty.

I can get the Intel 520 240GB but it's about £45 more expensive than what I can get the M4 for although it does come with 5 year warranty.

And then their is the Samsung 830 240GB with the VAT cash back offer around £216.00 again with 3 year warranty.

Wish it was just easy, hope Intel do the cashback offer again soon and put the 520 240GB on it, would definitly buy it then, I might just buy it anyway and forget about the price lol. :(
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