Spec me a new phone please?

19 Dec 2006
Saudi Arabia né Donegal
Hello all,

My current phone a Nokia 6230i, which I never really liked from the start to be honest, has been giving me a lot of grief recently and I was considering a change and I was wondering if people here could recommend phones that they know to be good. When it comes to phones I really have no idea what's out there as I've never really bothered to look so I'd really appreciate the help.

What I'm looking for:

Make: Any
Battery Life: Long
Camera: Not fussed
Memory: >= 32MB
Screen Size: Any (Just not too small)
Ringtones: Must be able to play back .mp3 files or equivalent (Realtones?)

I'm also interested in if the phone has any useful features such as voice dialing (and if so how good is it) as well as a phone that's very responsive (One of the main reasons I'm getting rid of this phone is that there's huge lag between me pressing the button and the phone performing the corresponding action). The phone must also have bluetooth but I'm assuming that's standard. Finally, I'm a guy so no pink motorolla recomendations.

Thanks in advance for the help,
Antar Bolaeisk.
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