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Spec me a Printer

Discussion in 'Printers' started by danceMB, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. danceMB

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    I have been asked to find someone a printer for xmas. It does not have to be expensive, but this person has a lot of pictures they want to print out

    The only thing they want is a printer where the replacement cartridges do not cost a fortune. I have had a look at the budget side of things, and the cheap photo printers do indeed cost a fortune, so am at a bit of a loss here on what the best one would be to go for?
  2. rishy


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    Have a look at Kodak printers, from the tv advert as i remember they said they had the cheapest price per page i think
  3. Philtor


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    Failing the above make sure you get one with individual ink cartridges, instead of just a black and colour cartridge.
  4. nelviss


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    i have used just about every brand of printer in the past 3 years and epson is the cheapest to replace with none generic inks (more inks from amazon)
  5. SkodaMart


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    Just picked up a Kodak ESP C310 from Tesco for £45.

    and that was including ink.

    Cheap and cheerful, but it will be great for printing out 'lots' of photos.

    The other option is just put them on a dvd and take them to Asda, let them print them for you.
  6. nelviss


    Joined: Feb 3, 2011

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    well that might work but the gf prints all kind of stuff *(the hp does beter edeg to edge prints) over all the epson works out cheapes and we do a lot of prints


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    Hi, check out Canon printers, l only pay about £20 for 5x5sets of compatable ink cartridges. Some Epson printers the colour cartridge holds the 3 colours , so if one colour runs out. When you replace it, you are wasting ink as the other 2 colours still contain ink.
  8. Paul11


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    Canon IP4950