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Spec me some Noise Cancelling Headphones for WFH

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by kration, 15 Sep 2021 at 00:27.

  1. kration

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    I'm looking for some Noise Cancelling Headphones for working from home (WFH). The main reason is to cut out background noise from my flat, the neighbouring flat etc. I'll only use them intermittently, not all day. The background noise isn't excessive, I just need less of a distraction now and then.

    I've no experience of what noise cancelling headphones consist of, and even after googling I'm none the wiser.

    What I'm looking for are:

    Over-ear, or maybe on-ear. Definitely not in-ear.

    I use MS Word text-to-speech for proof reading, so the headphones need to be able to let me listen to that as well as cancelling external stuff out. Via a headphone jack/cable would be OK, though via bluetooth would be good too (not USB - my work laptop won't allow that connection).

    Rechargeable if possible, so there's no power cord.

    A plus would be to let me stream from my phone via bluetooth, though that's not essential.

    Up to £100, less would be better.

    I'm just looking for some functional noise cancelling headphones for intermittent use when WFH, not high spec.

    Any recommendations?