Spinpoint SP2004C, XP and my motherboard - help!

11 Jul 2003
Hartlepool, North East
I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2 which has 2 SATA slots on it. Anyway - I got a Samsung Spinpoint 200Gb drive (SP2004C).

The RAID configuration can see it (although it's showing 190Gb and not 200Gb). The BIOS when I start doesn't see it (or list it). I set the boot options to SCSI to see the disk.

Then, I started the XP installation (Media Centre 2005 - although I also have XP Home Edition with SP2). From the Windows XP setup - it just says it can't find any disks. I'm assuming that I need some drivers so that the XP install can see it - but couldn't find them on the Samsung support site.

Does anyone have any idea's - or managed to get it working on their systems? I just assumed it would plug in and work... :(
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