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Sports Photography - Waivers etc?

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by -westy-, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. -westy-


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    I've recently started taking photos at sports events, mainly Hockey. I've had some reasonably good results, despite still learning!

    I've been asked to attend to take more, which I'm pleased about. However I feel at the point I should cover myself, legally speaking, as some of the games I've been asked to attend include women and minors. I ALWAYS ask both teams if there are minors present, whether there are any at risk etc and oblige with all requests when it comes to safeguarding. I also never post these photos publicly, rather share a private gallery link with the team's captain to distribute to the team members.

    Has anyone here been in this situation? Is there a generic waiver/release I can find and use to protect myself legally?

    TIA :)
  2. Russinating


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    I run a video production company and we do a lot of work with schools etc so hopefully I can be of some use.

    The main thing you haven't said is who is asking you to come to the events. Have you been contracted in advance or are you just turning up under your own steam and getting a nod from the coach on the day? Are you being paid?

    The first thing we check is what arrangements are in place client-side. For example, does the sports team have terms to the effect that by playing in the team you agree for contracted photographers etc to take photos during games and for your image to be used for promotional purposes. All schools have an opt-out process for their students, for example.

    If they don't, then I'd be advising them to do so. If they still don't, don't want to, or in the meantime, you're pretty limited if you want to cover yourself 100% to getting license agreements signed by every player on the pitch.

    However if you've been asked to attend in advance I'd say you're pretty safe as the players have very little/no expectation of privacy by playing in a public match. Especially if you make yourself known to minors or anyone who doesn't want their image taken for whatever reason.

    I've also just seen you're in Canada, is that the case? I don't know how laws differ there. Are you DBS checked (or equivalent)?
  3. -westy-


    Joined: Nov 7, 2002

    Posts: 12,070

    Location: Courtenay, BC

    Thanks for your reply.

    To be clear, I'm fairly involved in the hockey community, so I tend to be familiar with most teams - at the moment it's a summer league arrangement, so I see the same players most weeks. I umpire a fair amount of games as well, so the teams are familiar with me. Generally speaking if I don't know the team I wouldn't just be taking photos of them.

    I've bee showing up under my own steam, just arriving early for my own fixture and snapping some pictures - I've spoken to the teams beforehand and there's been no issue. I'm not being paid - I enjoy the game and photography. However I'm aware of being a 32 year old male and taking photos of ladies and minors can sometimes seem a little off.

    Each club would have a media policy, as there can potentially be some at risk players. However I don't represent those clubs so I'm unsure as to whether they would apply to me or not.

    Like to say, it is a public pitch, full accessible to the public, so I would hope that any concerns about at risk players should be taken into account.

    I'm actually in the UK for the time being.