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Starcraft 1

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Guest2, 10 Jun 2010.

  1. Guest2


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    Now that the beta of Starcraft 2 has finished I thought I make this thread before the other gets too cluttered.

    I reinstalled SC1 after maybe 4 years. I didnt really know what was going on and obviously get beaten badly. I set a rally point for my probes on one block of minerals and some seemed to harvest it whilst others just sat around doing nothing.

    If the colours are messed up make a shortcut to the game, go to compatability mode and select everything apart from the 'run in this OS' box (this is for Windows 7 64bit)

    Is there a key to select idle workers?
    What is the command to queue things up? (if you can) like in SC2 you hold shift and place a building, then harvest minerals

    Another friends list for SC1 would be good. I'll start


    Add friend: /f a name
    Message your friends: /f m message
    Message a single person: /m name message

    e.g. /f a alexl
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  2. Brizzles


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    How dated is Starcraft 1 ?

    Saw it in my local games shop for £9 , thought i might pick it up whilst i wait for SC2

    Is the game play similar, so i can get to grips with the basics in practice for SC2 ?

    Cheers :)
  3. gurusan


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    i recently moved to an Asus UL30A so installed SC as it's one of the few good games I can run.

    I'd be down for some games. add me (gurusan obviously)
  4. just Scott


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    Location: Liverpool

    Very dated. The graphics are painfully bad, the AI is glitchy and stupid and you can only select 12 units at a time. But at the same time, it is the most balanced and competitive game in the world, with a very very steep learning curve. Learning SC1 will help a lot with SC2, though I doubt you will be able to master it well enough before SC2 comes out.
  5. EpicCarnage


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  6. shroomz

    Wise Guy

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    SC noob, starting on iCCup today.

  7. EpicCarnage


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    I forgot how hard Starcraft is after moving to the beta and forgetting completely why SC1 is so hard i.e. KOREANS