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STEAM - Some games show up in one PC but not the other?

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by FatRakoon, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. FatRakoon


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    Ok, this is specifically to 2 games that I love to play.

    Dawn of War : Dark Crusade
    Dawn Of War : SoulStorm.

    Ok, my main Linux PC is an AMD A10-7890K. using an nVidia 970 GFX Card.
    Recently I upgraded my Hackintosh, but, when I got the Mobo and CPU ( Intel I5-6600K )
    I threw Linux onto it for a giggle cos its a decent setup, and when I threw steam onto it, Isaw that Dark Crusade and SoulStorm were both in my list. ( On my main Linux PC, they are NOT? )

    Now, that setup has now gone over to be my Hackintosh and so the previous Hackintosh, I have also put Linux onto that, ( I have been toying with Mint 19 and Cinnamon, but I am currently on Ubuntu MATE, but added the Cinnamon Desktop ) and again, I see these Dawn of War Games on that, and I can play them just fine too, but, when I go over to my main Linux PC, they are not there?

    Now, Dawn Of war 2 and 3 have been supported by Linux for a short while now, and they are there just fine.

    But Dark Crusade and Soulstorm, appeared in both the I5 setups, but I just cannot get them to come up in the AMD one?

    The AMD has nVidia 970 Graphics, the I5-6600K was using onboard INTEL graphics and the I5-2500K is using an ATI 7700 Stubby card.

    I have tried the ATI card and even using the onboard of the APU in the hope that it appears, and I have tried various options of how top install STEAM, but this is simply not having it?

    What I have also done, is put in a completely new SSD and HD into both the I5-2500K and the AMD A10 and done a fresh install of UBUNTU MATE and then added Cinnamon to them, and yes, the Intel shows up wth Dark Crusade, and the AMD does not?

    There MUST be a reason for this?

    Or am I going nuts?

    Anyone have any clues?
  2. pete910

    Wise Guy

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    Hardware is irrelevant to what steam displays , What's installed is what counts as shown though not installed show greyed out . However if you have "installed games" selected it will only show that

    Have you checked that you are not listing the games in a different manner ?
  3. FatRakoon


    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

    Posts: 9,897

    Location: Behind you... Naked!

    Oh hell, I am such a pleb

    Dunno why, but the AMD seems to be accessing the LAN very very slowly.

    All it needed, was to update steam. Its showing the games now.

    Obviously, the Intel updated straight away and for some stupid reason, the AMD did not.

    I have a sneaky its the cable, cos I noticed that the Hackintosh ( which also was on this LAN cable too ) was also accessing the internet very slowly and I did put it down to the fact that Im using a USB to LAN adapter, and sop I have bought a couple of new ones to try, and they have not arrived yet, so.... Anyway, I will also change the L:AN cable is what Im saying.

    But yeah, I am a t1t and no buts.

    As for the hardware, yes, of course I know, but I was simply jumping to copnclusions! - Hell, I have even taken the nVidia card out and Im using the Onboard cos thats ATI, and even though I know, I sitll had a nag in the back of my head.

    Ah, at least I will have a play with the onboard to see how it fares eh?

    Thanks mate.