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Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle Series 4

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by GSWAudio, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. GSWAudio


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    So I enjoyed watching series 3 (haven't seen 1 and 2) so I was looking forward to series 4. I almost went and saw series 4 live but couldn't in the end and I'm glad I didn't. These first two episodes have been very disappointing for me. I really liked his almost cringey long monologues to be paid off at the end of it with something funny but these two episodes have been really painful all the way through. He often joked about how his jokes aren't funny - but they are - however in this series I think he's actually tried to not make it funny! Any one else think they aren't very good?
  2. Malevolence


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    Is his voice still muffled by his head being stuck so far up his own arse?
  3. cainer

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  4. estebanrey


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    Went to see him in London doing the material for this series. My mate got very drunk before hand and started heckling at the start by complimenting Lee saying stuff like "I love you Stewart"..."Do the Cafe Nero joke!".

    Whilst it was massively embarrassing, Lee managed to make my mate the butt of many of the jokes throughout the entire set. By the end of the first half he made a sarcastic joke about my mate being a plant because he managed to turn it around so well.

    For example my mate had shouted that his cousin was Rob Rowse (another stand-up comedian) to which Lee told him that Rowse would be "******* embarrassed if he could see him right now" but where he got it into his proper set was in the first episode when he jumped from making a light-hearted gag to a serious topic he said "see young comedians that's how you do a segway"; but on our night he stopped, turned and looked in our direction and said "You can tell Rob Rowse that's how you do a ******* segway!"

    Have to say, was infinitely funnier than what's ended up of it on TV.

    The horrible thing I've noticed is he's started to find himself funny now, struggling to control his facial smirks after delivering each line when he used to be properly dead-pan.

    I just think he's becoming lazy and relying too much on an assumption that his audience think whatever he says is genius now. On the night we saw him he turned up on stage wearing an un-ironed polo shirt and a pair of old Jeans as if he couldn't be ***** anymore.
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  5. doofer


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    Just watched the 1st one on iPlayer, 'If James Corden came to my show it'd be like a dog listening to Classical music'. :D:D:D
  6. rebel rebel


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  7. Fubsy


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    I saw him at Chichester (White Supremacist Theme Park) recently doing this material and he was incredibly hilarious. There were a group of young lads (likely students) that walked out and he tore them to bits and used that event to bolster the content for the rest of the show, his craftsmanship and delivery is the best in the business.

    He also has the most awkward and uncomfortable routines that make you squirm with irritation but still get enjoyment from it.

  8. Cosimo

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  9. Bubo


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    Morrissey has lost some weight.
  10. estebanrey


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  11. Robosapien


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    One of the very few things worth watching anymore. I'm surprised at his staying power, I must admit.
  12. sigma


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    I tried to watch it with an open mind after reading this thread but I must admit it's certainly not as good as the previous season. Also the crowd seem to be laughing at pretty much anything he says...wtf.
  13. andicole0


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    Stewart Lee needs to be tempered with Richard Herring, then they become really funny.
  14. flame696

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    I find him really irritating snd not funny at all