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Sticker cutter machine reccomendation

Discussion in 'Printers' started by CONSOLE_BUTCHER, May 1, 2018.



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    This is for a piece of acrylic im putting in my case that houses 2 lcd temp displays aswell, because i cut these out by hand and by the way they look upclose, hopefully not though, im thinking it could look a little sketchy after being painted.

    If it does i might re-do the piece and use a sticker cutter machine. Can anyone reccomend a decent but not too pricey(concidering what they cost anyway) cutter machine?

    Thanks in advance(Y)
  2. Avalon


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    As someone who did this on a commercial basis (vinyl, print/cut/sublimation/mechanical and laser cutting/engraving), you will pay a stupidly large amount of money to do what you want to do, why not just pay someone a very small amount of money to do this as a one off. It's the kind of job that fits on scrap and would range from £0-5 depending on what you needed/size/volume assuming you could supply vector based artwork - your local vinyl place should do this no problem at all.