Stolen Car!

22 Jun 2005
We had one of our cars nicked at a petrol station, stupidly the driver at the time had left the keys inside the vehicle (he was paying for something at the window and the car was right next to him) someone jumped in and drove off at 2am.

Luckily the car had a tracking device of sorts on it, however the device wasn't a proper police tracker, more of a ***** tracking device to allow us to know where the car is at any given time (it uses mobile network + gprs) so it can be unreliable at times.
The tracker stopped responding at 2:30am, at which point I knew it was gone as the thieves were most likely professionals.

I kept tracking it all day, constantly refreshing, at 7:30pm, I noticed activity, this gave me a clue that it's probably not stolen by proper car thieves, called the police who sent units to its last known location, they kept on the phone to me trying to send updates to police on the street, the signal was flaky so kept getting lost. I gave the police my username and password for the tracker so they could keep an eye on it, I decided to head out with my car + laptop + inverter + 3g dongle to its' last known area. I drove around the area as it's around 2 hours away from my home, while I was driving around with my brother refreshing the laptop constantly for updates, I spot a police car at 5am, they tell me it has been found!

Damage is quite expensive - damaged door, new locks and keys, and lost the carpet from the boot.

We got lucky that it was nicked by a bunch of n00bs.

Though I would just warn everyone NOT to leave a key in the car :p
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