Storage Heater Grant - Too Good To Be True?

5 Mar 2003
The other half's house is currently heated via storage heaters. No gas so it is what it is. Anyways the storage heaters are old and starting to play up. Looking at the market place at the moment you're talking a £300-£500 to replace each one and she has like 7 of them so soon adds up.

Anyways she has come across the following site:

Wow this looks amazing. Surely there isn't a catch? Well normally there is... So just wondering if anyone has done similar? She is on tax credits so top level looks all legit, and (my thinking is) if you don't sign anything and don't hand over any money, you're in the clear, right?

Anyway... Any thoughts or opinions welcome!
3 Jun 2012
These words

"Please note if not enough panels can be fitted on the roof then the installation would not be fully refunded"

Instantly tells me that the home owner will need to pay, then claim a refund. I expect it applies to other things they offer too.

Then... oh dear, you don't actually qualify due to some random reason. Thanks for the many ££££
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