Strange Bad Axe 2 beeping/siren

17 Jan 2007
It's strange, because averything runs fine.
Sometimes (quite rarely: ie 1 in >/=10 times ) When the system is booting, it
'freezes', and a siren starts up ( with what sounds like intermittent beeps- though not individual beeps- more continuous).
However, I press any key, and the siren stops, and the system boots up fine.

My specs:

Intel Bad Axe 2
Intel C2D e6600
WD raptor 150gb
Seagate Barracuda 320gb (x2)
Crucial 10th Anniversary 2gb
Tagan 600W psu
Zalman 9700NT
Akasa Eclipse 62
Pioneer 111BK
Noctua NF-S12 (x2)

Nothing tweaked- all running at stock, or whatever speeds they default to on this system.

I then check the cpu temp etc, but this is around 30 degrees celcius: so it san't be beeping due to overheating.
I disabled the marvell sata ports, as the siren used to occur, whilst that was scanning, while the system booted up. Though the beeping doesn't seem to be connected to that in any way now.
I was reading on the intel BX2 support page about bios beep codes.
The only tight screws in my system, are for the pieces to attach the zalman 9700 nt.
There is the grounding wire from the tagan psu, which I have attached under one of the screws on the edge of the motherboard.
As I said, this beeping is a very rare occurence, and does not seem to cause any problems, other than being extremely irritating:
(ie, if the siren starts, it goes on indefinitely, until I press any key)

Anyone with BX2's with any ideas?
11 Dec 2006
I had a similar issue on my 680 board, and turned out to be a siren for the NB voltage. The voltage was set 1.45V and the 'alarm' trigger value was 1.45V too. I disavled the alarm for the NB voltage, and it doesn't beep any more.
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