Streaming over VPN connection to android

5 Mar 2009
Hi all,

Can anyone help as I'm drawing a blank here despite hours of trying. I am trying to get remote streaming of my music and films working over VPN to my S3. I have a readynas running a dnla server on my home network. I have an Asus 56u with the latest firmware running a PPTP VPN. The VPN on the S3 is working as I can remotely access the files on on the readynas using ES file explorer on the phone but I cannot for the life of me get any of about 10 or more upnp / dnla apps to find the server. I have tried connecting via my phones data connection and a friends Wifi but still no luck. I am just wondering if anyone has this working and what setting / apps etc they are using. I don't want to give up but I'm nearly at that point.

Moving this over to the network forum, Think thats pobably a better place for it.
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