Striker Extreme or gigabyte p35-dq6???

19 Aug 2005
I'm so disappointed with my abitquadgt. I dont know what a hell is going wrong but i think is some mobo problem.
The problem is that my computer freezes when i game bf2 or bf2142, and i did any possible test: Ram, Hard drive(i have 2 raptors in raid). i also updated all drivers: chipset, raid controler, lan. But freeze. Sometimes i play ok, but sometimes even not gaming just freeze.
This is going make me crazy or ill break all my pc. ive been in contact with a good friend who is an expert and help me to find this tricky fault, and after hours of tests and had send many reports the only thing we deduce is the Abitquadgt. So is time to sell this piece of crap and choose a new one. I dont mind for the money, i just want my computer playing games normally and dont freeze anymore. I use Vista Ultimate 64.
So which is the best: striker extreme or the new chipset p35 that i heard gigabyte is kicking some ass?
best regards all
Man of Honour
14 Nov 2005
Up North
The striker is overpriced imo. I personally dont like the gigabyte boards or BIOS but some people love them and you cant argue that they are good performers. If you need SLI then I would go with the EVGA 680i boards - now that the new revision is out they're pretty much trouble free and high performers. The Asus P5k deluxe is also performing well.
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