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Stuff you know that others wouldn't know because of your job.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonesy, 16 Nov 2009.

  1. Welshy


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    Nah I don't need to be cleared as high as DV, I've just got SC. I'm currently working on radios for the Navy, so don't need it just yet. Possibly in the future though if I were to be moved onto Special Projects.
  2. Deadbeat


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    I found out that a girl I was seeing last year had glandular fever and didn't tell me.

    I also know what a vaginal prolapse looks like, B-movie horror flicks use dry ice and virkon to produce that bubbly cauldron look, chinchillas will eat meat and old people are an unbelievable burden on the country's finances, especially where healthcare is concerned, but also in many, many more ways.

    Also, no matter how high up someone is in medicine or management, if you know what you're talking about you can really make them look stupid. They hate it when their position doesn't carry as much weight as they think it should.
  3. Randell Floyd

    Wise Guy

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    Probably not very relevant these days with technology having come a long way but..

    I worked in a 'gadget/counter surveillance' section of a Police force for a while, and they had far better equipment than people realized at the time. We had some nifty technology for doing stuff on mobile phones, and some cracking hidden cameras and such, if I was a dodgy geezer I'd have been paranoid!

    I also have a close friend in the SBS, and they get to do some crazy stuff!
  4. Ironic Namesake


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    I know the part numbers to 100s of Nokia and other phone parts off by heart, bit sad really :p
  5. dowie

    Capo Crimine

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    and if you go onto wiki leaks you'll find someone has uploaded a guide to all things ISTAR within the UK military...... :eek:
  6. G|mp


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    We have recently become Google Apps largest customer.
  7. Ziggy


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    Good thread. :D

    She was hot in True Lies.
  8. Scam


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    I know from my last job that for Madonna's latest DVD she had 12 VFX suites running solidly for ~6 months doing beauty work. I also had her address near Marble Arch.
  9. cm1179


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    wil they open the box? ie, could i buy a ps3 and put a ps1 in the box for a refund
  10. mjt


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  11. Amp34


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    Why not just stick in a brick?;)
  12. dangerstat


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    Gordon Brown as a three nipples, but only one testicle!
  13. Ricochet J


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    I know that a three dimensional tube as apposed to a two dimensional integral fin tube in shell-tube condensor can vastly reduce the size of a heat exchanger in a thermal power plant and hence, lower running and operating costs.
  14. RoboCod


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    The process of getting a DV is a PITA!

    Are you working on ship? Which?
  15. -westy-


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    I know the cost price of any food and drink that you can buy in a pub/restaurant.

    Exciting stuff, eh.
  16. khushy


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  17. Fr0dders


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    that IT data security in the NHS is even worse than you imagine.
  18. Phoenixdancer


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    WOHOO IM o-!

    And i know to build fully AI controled robots?
    Last edited: 12 Oct 2010
  19. dienamite


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    I get to see game reviews weeks or month's before the public. You can probably skip MoH.
  20. Correlian


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    That oil&gas exploration is bloody expensive

    Semisubmersible drilling rig day rate - $500k

    Average offshore exploration well (to 4000m) - $90m

    Average success rate - 20%