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Stupid Word issue (2013)

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by pheebs, 9 Feb 2014.

  1. pheebs


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    Hey all.

    I am doing my nut here.

    I am trying to restrict the editing of a word document template file. There are sections I want everyone to be able to edit but others not.

    I've gone under developer and in restricting editing done this:

    1. Formatting Restrictions: Selected "Limit formatting to a selection of styles"
    2. Editing Restrictions: Selected "No Changes (Read Only)
    2.1. Exceptions: Ticked "Everyone" and then selected the relevant header texts and main body texts I want to be editable by all.
    3. Start Enforcement: Yup done.

    Problem I'm having, the text is editable but it does not stick to the format I have set it up as (changes the font size/colour etc) and if you try and change the font... you can't!!

    Any solutions?!

    Here's a linky to a similar template which is set up like above for you guys to look at/play with (you will see what I mean when trying to edit)

    OCUK Word Doc

    To edit the document the password is "edit"

    Really bugging me now. Spent about 5 days working on trying to get templates compatible with Mac Word, then 2011 Word, then 2013 Word. 2013 Word is cool... but why the hell it mucks up all templates from 2011 Word I have no idea!! Have had to bootcamp my computer to install windows 7 and then Office 2013 to be able to do this! STUPID!

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks all!
  2. pheebs


    Joined: 13 Mar 2005

    Posts: 878

    Location: Bristol

    Ah panda.

    Might have chucked this in the wrong thread. Sorry, going square eyed looking at the screen and brains not operating properly! If it is, would a mod mind chucking it in the right place? Cheers peeps :)