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Sudden freezes, followed by non-system disk kick in.

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by djwhitfield, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. djwhitfield


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    Good Evening,

    So, for the past few weeks while using my system I've been getting these strange freezes were my system completely freezes and I'm unable to do anything for a few seconds. This can happen at any time such as browsing internet or playing video games. When I've been on voice chat, I'm told that my voice just completely cuts off during this period. Its starting to cause me concern because when it happens I can hear a mechanical sound from my PC, which is to the right of where I'm sitting and its very audible.

    I've been building my own PC's for nearly 12 years now and although I'm relatively experience, the mechanical noise is causing vibrations on the desk which I know can't be caused by anything that doesn't have moving parts. The only things in my PC that have moving parts are my GPUs fan, my CPUs fan, my case fans and my back up HDD. My boot drive is a Samsung SSD. I'm almost certain 99% that the mechanical noise is my HDD kicking in, as its the exact same noise when I boot movies and music from there, but again, the only stuff on that drive is stuff like movies and music, no data that the computer should be pulling from there at the time these freezes happen.

    To attempt to confirm my theory that its my HDD, I put my task manager on my second screen and waited for it to happen and screen captured the incident. However it was a SSD spike, as well as a drop in CPU and GPU to 0%, but nothing from my HDD, its at a flat 0% from boot up. But again, it sounds like the HDD did kick in.

    A few months ago I had to throw away a 2TB hard drive by the same brand, make and model which I got them together about the same time, they are at least about 5 years old now. The other HDD was causing my system not to boot while it was plugged in, it was a total hard drive failure because of the grinding noises it was making. My assuming is that this hard drive is also on its way given that I got them both at the same time.

    As to why its causing a SSD spike, my theory is that because my HDD is causing a crash the SSD is reading for data that the CPU and GPU have stopped receiving due to the freeze. Even though no data is begin read from HDD, I'm assuming the HDD is on its way out and just causing issues with the system. But I could be totally wrong.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on that matter that can help me?
    Thanks very much in advance.

    - Dave
  2. bledd


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    One faulty disk can cause a lot of upset even if it's not a system disk. Take it out and see if it's stable.

    Check event viewer for disk errors under the system tab.