Suggest Decent ram for I5 2500k and MSI moo, please?

26 Nov 2010
Thorne Yorkshire

(Ha! It isn't really a Moo. It's a MOBO. But I can't see how to edit the spelling mistake on the title. :)

Since building a Sandybridge based PC when Sandybridge was first released I've been out of the loop on hardware.

Cpu is I5 2500k.
Mobo is MSI GD65 Revision 3 (I think). Well, it was replaced after the chipset problem was announced, so I think it's Rv3.

Currently overclocked to 4.2GHz. Up till now it's been reliable and still is. I just fancy increasing the ram size from my current 4GB.

I'm after 8GB ram. (Probably 2 * 4GB). So much to choose from out there it's almost overwhelming.

Anyone willing to recommend a decent, and cheap, ram set for me?

Thank you.
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