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Suggestions for the smallest PSU possible ?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by TheSwede, 15 Sep 2021.

  1. TheSwede


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    Hey all !

    I'm thinking of building a PC case in the future, but it going to be small (probably) and hence looking for a small(ish) PSU but strong enough to possible run a RTX 3060Ti (if I get around buying one, presently I have a 1080Ti) and one SSD and two or three HDD's.

    Asking mostly because having no clue what kind of PSU is needed to run a RTX 3060Ti safely and a few more components. :o

    Thank you for reading and any possible replies ! :D
  2. Donnie Fisher

    Wise Guy

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    Small as in wattage or physical size ?

    The SFX power supply standard is smaller than the normal ATX standard and is commonly used in the smaller build cases and formats. Going smaller than that would need flex PSU's, pico PSU's etc.

    Wattage wise, 600W would probably be the lowest I would go. I run a 3600 + 1080ti on 600W, and a 3400G+1070 on a 450W.
  3. TheSwede


    Joined: 27 May 2007

    Posts: 2,908

    Location: Front of the PC

    Ahh right, yeah meant physical size, my bad.

    Shouldn't make threads late in the night and after a couple drinks, seem one tend to miss vital information then !
  4. mickyflinn


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    750w corsair sf that would allow you to further upgrade to a 3080 in the future .