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"suicide hijackers"

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Spie, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. The Edge


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    It's all too easy to read too much into these things and claim that wordings are politically motivated when in truth they are not, and the very thought probably never occurred to the person who came out with it.

    The people involved in taking control of the planes were hijackers and they committed suicide in the process of their crime which makes "suicide hijacker" an accurate term.

    Unlike many of the terms used in todays news it is also not leading you to make any assumptions about the people involved. What they (The journalists) have done - if indeed it was deliberate - is actually good journalism in many ways, something we have come to not expect.

    Is the fact that the terrorists were muslim relevant to the program? I'm inclined to say yes of course it is, but also to beleive that the program cannot possibly have gone for the entire length without mentioning either Islam as a factor in the attacks, or the fact that the terrorists were muslims.

    Basically the writers could have referred to the terrorists as "Extreme islamic suicide hijackers" to leave us in absolutely no doubt, but i think it may have gone over budget. ;)

    Also would that not also be somewhat a politcally correct thing to do?
  2. sedm1000


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    Ditto - strangely.

    Not all Muslim extremists are out to become anti-Western martyrs. "Suicide hijackers" is a descriptively correct term.

    As for their beliefs - I dont think that the purpose of Al-quaeda is necessarily to promote Islam, or conflict with the West. This might be its modus operandi, but the goal is simply power/wealth via whatever means.
  3. Raz


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    line with the political component of their faith? Really? And what is that?

    Why = Islamic nationalism

  4. robmiller


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    Whoah whoah whoah, what? Islam + politics = terrorism? Since when?
  5. cleanbluesky


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    TBH, if you are in such a mood as to have to use affectations such as 'whoah whoah whoah' are you going to listen to any logical arguments?

    Is there a lack of language comprehension here or do you believe that my words contain this equasion?

    PS - I cant be bothered with the usual scrap so if anyone has anymore comments or questions they will need to be to the point and using objective language with appropriate reasoning if they want me to respond.
  6. benjo plz.


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  7. Raz


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    Don't think he meant it in that way. The political (?) side of Islam isn't about terrorising civilians.
  8. benjo plz.


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    Fair one.
  9. Jumpingmedic

    Wise Guy

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    I don't think that the titles given to these people have any relevence whatsoever. They were suicide hijackers.. nothing wrong with that assessment. I've heard them referred to as islamic extremists on several news broadcasts long after 9/11.

    I don't think theres any issue of overkill-PC here.. I think it's just companies struggling to come up with pseudonims to avoid sounding repetative.
  10. Indy11


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    I took CBS to mean that Islam is a blend of both religious and political teaching. One can more readily understand the history of the emergence of Sunni and Shiite sects of Islam as a political rather than theological one, for example.

    Establishing a position of high religious authority in Islam brings with it political power and, in the right setting (such as in a caliphate), the reverse also is true. The terrorist extremist leaders claim superior religious purity and fidelity to Mohammed's teachings and under that mantle are able to press home the case that suicidal attacks in furtherance of their leaders' political aims, for example, will guaranty the attacker a place in heaven.
  11. Scania


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    Perhaps, because a true follower of that religion would'nt have carried out such an act in the first place, therefore, imo, they were not Muslims ?

    People use religion as an excuse for their actions, imo, they - the attackers, were not religious, not one bit.

    Great Thread. ;)
  12. Slam62


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    at the end of the day its a fair description, the only thing you could add is 'religious extremists' but that would be too long.

    It could have the effect of isolating the terrorists or potential terrorist as none muslim in the eyes of the muslim world, which might discourage them...