Tabletop TTRPG Player/Game Finder Thread

28 Jun 2006
Newcastle upon Tyne
Since there was a little talk about TTRPGs just recently, I thought it might be worthwhile opening up a thread to help players find games, or DMs/GMs to find players.

Currently, my group is looking for at least one if not two players. We have had two players drop out recently due to family/work, and when that happens, it only takes one person to have a bad day and want a break, for the session to fall down. We currently play on Monday nights between 8pm and 10:30pm UK Time via Foundry VTT - so no software is required beyond your browser. You'll need a microphone, obviously!. We occasionally play in person, but not on Monday nights any more.

While we play 5e D&D, 2e Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and others, we are currently embarked on the PF2e Adventure Path, Agents of Edgewatch. We have a varied group, with two of us having over 30 years experience each with D&D and others who have far less, or were brought up on Traveller or Tunnels & Trolls. The group is adult, so swearing in moderation is not frowned upon, and we do not roleplay any kind of sexual activity - although, as with many groups, jokes can cut a little close to the bone at times. Being thick-skinned would be helpful, as do like to laugh at each other during the course of a night. We chop and change DMs as there are four of us in the group who like to take the reins from time to time, so you may get a chance yourself at some point if you want.

Leave a note, or send me a DM if you're interested.
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