Talkmobile - iPhone 4s

3 Jan 2009

I have an iPhone 4s with Talkmobile as my network provider. Every time I leave my wifi connection the phone looses connection to the internet and displays these errors: Could not activate mobile data network. / Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet. The only temporary solution I have is to reboot the phone this cures the issues until the next time I leave my Wifi connection.

This never happened when I was with O2, I have tested in other iPhone 4s' and the issue is still there Talkmobile have also sent out a replacement sim card but this did not correct the issue either.

This issue does not seem to occur when I use a Vodafone sim card but only with Talkmobile which to me would suggest this is an issue at Talkmobiles end however they have said that the error messages are displayed dependent on the coverage at the point of connecting even though I have clearly advised them that I don't get them when I try a Vodafone sim card. Below is a list of steps I have so far tried in order to correct the issue.

I was also wondering if any one on here is also experiencing this issue? If so what did they do in order to correct the issue?

Steps that I have conducted:

1.Tried sim card in another Iphone 4s

2. Restored Iphone / setup as new Iphone

3. Tried replacement Sim cards,

4. Tested in different areas with full signal and 3g

5. Tried the following settings from their website
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