Targus USB-C Dock190 - anyone used this model?

19 Oct 2002
Auckland, New Zealand
I'm currently using a DV177 from Targus which allows me to plug any device in to it and access multiple monitors, power, ethernet etc. With the advent of Alt. display mode via USB-C and my new home laptop (my work device is an HP Elite X2 1013 G4 with TB3) I want to replace the current dock with a native USB-c solution that can also be backward compatible with my older laptop and anything the kids bring home from school.

The Targus Dock190 appears to fit the bill: USB-C™ Universal DV4K Docking Station | Browse Targus UK and I'm wondering if anyone has used this particular model and have any comments? I'm presuming from what I can read about it that when using USB-C connections is uses the Alt display mode with native power delivery but can also, via the USB-C > A adapter and power cable charge older USB3 with the USB-A connector, power and utilise using displaylink any other device.

It will be some time before all our devices go usb-c with DP and PD so this seems to be a good compromise?

Any thoughts?


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