Temporal dithering ps4 xbox one on Radeon chips

27 Oct 2017
My concerns are regarding temporal dithering and the xbox one. Specifically frame rate control or the flashing of pixels to simulate a missing color on an LCD. I understand some 6bit lcd's employ this technique but it can be avoided with a true 8bit display. My concern however is that I am hearing the xbox one and ps4 regular/pro regardless if the display is 6/8/10bit, ignores the displays bit depth and enables temporal dithering from its gpu. Essentially it acts conservatively and assumes the end user has a display that won't be able to represent colors without banding and so enables temporal dithering.

Would the xbox one gpu employing dithering if it does cause the flashing of pixels on a true 8bit or 10bit display? Or is it the dithering technique employed by xbox one is a different kind of dithering that has no impact on display behavior in the sense of FRC? Is there anyway to confirm or test for this?
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