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Test driving a car, with suspended insurance

Discussion in 'Motors' started by qwerty123456, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. qwerty123456


    Joined: Oct 18, 2019

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    Hi all,

    I suspended my car insurance, as my car got scrapped (SORN'ed) and now on the lookout for a new car. I am planning on looking at one in the next few days, but wanted to know, would i be able to test drive it, if my current car insurance is suspended?

    Thanks imn advance.
  2. MissChief


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    Isn't this the point of trade plates? Many insurance companies don't insure for driving other cars so dealers can't expect ecmveryone who arrives to test drive a car to have adequate cover. Bring your licence.
  3. MeEsH BaKkA


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    Trade plates are for tax not insurance.

    OP if you’re planning on going to look at a car from a proper dealer you’ll almost certainly be covered fully comp to drive under their motor policy. However, if you’re going to look at a private sale then no, I doubt you’ll be insured with suspended insurance, obviously your provider could give you this information over the phone. I guess a big tell tale would be if you’re actually still paying your premium or not.

    Edit: You’ll be fully insured at a dealer providing a salesman is on the test drive with you.

    Edit2: Don't expect to be test driving private sale cars on your own DOC policy. You’ll only be covered third party if you have a smash.
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  4. Rroff

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    Unless your insurance specifically covers it or the seller has some kind of cover or adds a driver before testing you probably won't be insured on a test drive of a private seller - a lot of people just chance it.

    Dealers normally have a special case insurance setup for test drives and as long as you have a valid license that is all that matters - though I've encountered dealers before who don't actually have the proper insurance in place :s
  5. Scania


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    Can’t recall the last time a salesperson came with me on a test drive from a main dealer, smaller back St. outfits yes.

    Most recently was Sytner BMW Leicester, had a play around for 15 minutes in a new 3 series yet they didn’t even ask for a copy of my license, I pulled it out of my wallet and he just waived at me to put it back, might have been interesting if I’d had a bump but I didn’t.
  6. Nasher


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    Dealers have their own cover, but the excess if you damage it is...excessive :p