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Texas anti-masturbation bill moves closer to becoming law.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tony Edwards, May 15, 2019.

  1. peterwalkley


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    Isn't Texas the legislature that only meets for a few weeks every two years ? Someone had a really bright idea to minimise the damage politicians can do :p
  2. Jasoncmor


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    Damn, that's an expensive w ***
  3. Nasher


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    How do they plan to enforce this :D
  4. rebel rebel

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    Bagsy not cleaning up after the protest.
  5. Jumper118


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    Exactly. If you believe that the child is a new person at the point of conception, then abortion is murder.

    Whether someone has or hasn't been raped gives them no right to murder an innocent person. If anyone deserves the death penalty it would be the rapist, not the child, surely.

    The other issue with making an exception for rape is that it would incentivise irresponsible people who get knocked up on a one night stand to make false rape allegations to get an abortion, which would be bad for all parties involved.
  6. Caracus2k


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    I already has this argument out with Diddums in another thread ......but how much later would you propose to allow an abortion in a case where a woman claims* the pregnancy is the result of rape and /or incest?

    And if you answer is at any time during pregnancy how to you differentiate the ability to suffer and viability of a human life immediately before birth and immediately after?

    The fetus still has to exit the woman's body one way or another.

    Is this another case of belief in the mechanical birth process conveying some magical sudden ability to suffer and increased degree of viability (with modern medicine) or do you just not care for the viability and or ability of a living human to suffer if you answer is 'at any time during birth'?

    I would suggest some of the proposed state legislation in the US places term limits for abortion far too low in general. But its weird, to me, to see the degree of disregard people seem to show to a life if when the alleged* sins of another can be attributed to it.

    * I can guarantee you that a law that banned abortion at x weeks/ months but had an exception for rape would lead to an increase in claims of rape without necessarily a commensurate uplift in charges or convictions.
  7. Pawnless Endgame


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    Old, but still relevant in Texas:

  8. lnoton


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    How do they enforce this? Do they do workplace screening? Sir, we need to check if you have recently masturbated, we don't have a partner recorded against you in our HR database.
  9. SexyGreyFox

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    Somebody hit me with a hammer
  10. Tuppy_Glossop


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    You know what they say, "You can beat an egg but you can't beat a ..."
  11. Nasher


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    A bit racist :D