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The age of the universe and evolution

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by skolem, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. cosmogenesis


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    Could you define stupidity first of all perhaps or are we talking a sliding scale of academic achievement (GCSE, A, Degrees etc) or IQ or as measured by you ?

    All human intelligence goes in a certain graph shape I am sure. Its just a mater of where you are on that graph.
  2. datawrite


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    Well, most fads, idiotic ideas, cults etc etc all start from the good old USA! Enough said.
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  3. Dolph

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    Stupidity shows itself in a variety of ways, it's not necessarily a constant condition, it can be very situational.

    All the people in this country who think taxpayer funded services are free, for example, are stupid when it comes to understanding service charges. Those who believe things directly contrary to observed evidence (in whatever context) also qualify as showing stupidity in those areas. Californians have showed themselves to be stupid by voting for ever increasing public spending with ever increasing budget cuts and then blaming the politicians, the list of stupidity is endless.

    Even those very intelligent people can still be stupid.
  4. Meridian

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    What about people who don't understand that, when referring to public services, "free" almost always means "free-at-the-point-of-use"?

    And are you confusing "disagrees with my politics" with "stupid" again?

    Although I'm inclined to agree with your general idea. I believe it was Edward deBono who said that the purpose of thinking was to prevent the need to think. This makes more sense if you understood the point he was trying to make.

  5. Dolph

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    I've actually had the argument that they aren't free at point of use, they are free with several people in the past.

    No, there are plenty of political positions that I disagree with that aren't stupid, a stupid position is one that doesn't make any sense, or contradicts directly the available evidence. (I regard young earth ideas as stupid because they directly contradict all the evidence we have available. The idea that evolution is the mechanism by which an external entity created us is much less stupid, it fits with the available evidence, for example)
  6. ethan


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    and yet (the latter) is still not accepted by the former ? ;) Excellent definition of stupidity IMO
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  7. Mark07


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    The age of the Universe, well everyone who's read the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy knows it's 42, end of story.
  8. GreatAuk

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    but what units? THE UNITS!? we will need a bigger computer... no, bigger than earth, that was for the question, we need... the SUN!