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The anime thread sequel (it's still not as good as the Manga though),

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Werewolf, 7 Oct 2011.

  1. HungryHippos


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    I heard it's good but I think you have to gel with the humour/comedy to like it.

    I hear this one mentioned a lot, but it just looks... weird, even by anime standards! :eek:

    I'd love to hear what you think of this when you reach the end, I shall not say more until you get there though.

    I'm currently watching Shiki, Dororo and Angel Beats, not that far into all of them yet :)
  2. Raymond Lin

    Capo Crimine

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    I have made it through Season 1 of JoJo, I can JUST about get over the art style but when i found out that...

    that each season is about the decedent of another, it doesn't matter if the protagonist dies, it removes all sense of danger and i lost interest.
  3. Alexrose1uk


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    Seitokai is funny because it's such an invert of the typical positions; and so blatant with some of its humour. If you can get the humour and recognise the conventions it is poking at, it is indeed funny, similarly to how Genshiken was all those years ago.

    JoJo is weird. I have to say it's not my favourite and the art style is...different. I am not that fond of it, because the story lacks consistency and you can tell the Mangaka was making the story up as he went along at many points. Inconsistency is a pet peeve of mine in fiction; I don't mind if there is a genuine reason, but sometimes, like with JoJo, you can specifically see, watching it in condensed mode, that some of it just doesn't make sense, or is inconsistent. It's not a bad adaption, and sometimes it is funny, but I do think it is very much an anime for a specific audience, and if you are not that audience YMMV. I'm not sure I'd recommend it, but I don't hate it, and I know it has many fans.
    I am more of a strong story or humour sort of guy; so to be honest I feel like I am not who JoJo is really aimed at.

    Shigurui - almost there. On episode 11 I think!

    Shiki, Dororo and Angel Beats are all good!
  4. HungryHippos


    Joined: 25 Mar 2004

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    Location: Fareham

    I'm liking my selection so far, Shiki seems like a fairly straight up horror, Dororo feels like the witcher if it was sent in feudal Japan, and angel beats, feels like we've taken the cast of Haruhu Suzumiya and put them into another crazy situation (main girl Yuri is basically Haruhi, MC-kun is Kyon, and Tenshi is the alien girl!)
  5. ZXSpectrum


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    The new episodes of Baki are up on Netflix.. Watched a couple last night.. I have to say the first few mins of the second episode are hilarious! I really cant believe no one at the animation company or Netflix realised that it makes Baki look like he likes little boys! :cry:
  6. ThestigGT999


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  7. Zenduri


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    Quite liking Sakugan at the moment but then it borrows heavily from Gurren Lagann which I love.

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  8. Sankari


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    Mate, stay with it. JJBA is god tier anime.
  9. Glanza


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    Finally watched the Violet Evergarden film last night and I was a wreck at the end of it. Took me by surprise but finishes it off nicely and there is a after credits scene.