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The Batman (Matt Reeves)

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Random Guy Esq., 17 May 2019.

  1. Trig


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    Remember when everyone was saying that Afleck killed the Daredevil and hated to think about the mess he would make of Batman..
  2. Scrutinize


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    The fact they are simultaneously running two very disparate cinematic universes in parallel and various TV shows in parallel too is becoming an issue.

    We have.

    MRs 'The Batman' darkverse/universe which feels very gritty, realistic and from the trailer and info so far rather depressing and almost aligned to TPs 'Joker'. Whilst Joker was a good performance and technically a very cleverly shot movie, it was not enjoyable at all. CNs Dark Knight trilogy universe was realistically grounded rather than fantasy based but still felt lighter and more entertaining.

    JWs / ZSs DC Justice League Universe / Multiverse has the full fantasy super hero content of the comics and forerunners (BvsS, MoS etc). Even TBs Batman / Batman Retuns era had the fantasy elements. This all aligns to the Flashpoint universe and includes the CW tv shows where there was the Ezra Millers Flash crossover with Grant Gustins Flash, thus also linking Lucifer into the DC Multiverse/Universe.

    The plethora of CW/Netflix DC series do as above appear to have been tied into the wider JW/ZS Multiverse / Universe.

    Netflix's Titans universe has the fantasy and superhero content but so far still seems standalone.

    Gotham which actually seems like it could tie into 'The Batman' more than the others was still standalone imo.

    Stargirl to-date seems standalone albeit lighthearted.

    All of the above have varying tones and themes and varying degrees of disparate continuities.

    In contrast, Marvel has one principal multiverse running that is progressing continuity between tv series and movies, even drawing in the sony/fox content like the original spiderman films and now venom. On the whole the tone of these is broadly consistent.
  3. jcr

    Wise Guy

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    not impressed by that trailer. havent enjoyed batman since Bale quit. maybe im just old.
  4. SixTwoSix


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    Best description i've come across is that if Nolans was Batman through a Michael Mann (Heat) lense, then this is Batman through a Fincher lense.
  5. C Kent


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    We've already had the psychological villain outsmarting Batman with Ledgers Joker tho?
  6. SixTwoSix


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    I meant more the stylistic choices. No problem having another intelligent villain though, be nice to see Riddler done well, I have some hope.
  7. chroniclard


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    Who has....Affleck is the worst B(F)atman period and the DC writers have been guff ever since. :cry:
  8. SixTwoSix


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    Sort of ties into what i've read here.

  9. MissChief


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    You can see the element of shock on Selina’s face when Batman can’t control himself in the trailer, I think Batman here will be a little bit in need of therapy. And a lot of it.
  10. iamtheoneneo


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    If nothing else it looks like we are finally getting a Catwoman that resembles the comics. Only took 20+ years.
    It looks pretty good, trailer is terribly put together but im sure were get a few more before the movies release next year.
  11. ci_newman


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    The last episodes of S2 of Stargirl has a very clear crossover with the CW Flash / multiverse with the appearance of Jay / original Flash

    As for The Batman, it's a funny piece of trivia that Zoe Kravitz played Cat Woman in Lego Batman too :D
  12. SPG


    Joined: 28 Jul 2010

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    I have no idea what is going on, but i always find Batman rather boring tbh unless its the Kapowwww whack Batman.