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The Brexit Party

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Mr Badger, May 8, 2019.

  1. efish

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    In terms of effective political response.
  2. KiNgPiN83


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    Lets be honest, there are no more negotiations to be had. The EU have shown what they are ready to give us from their side and that's it... The only way this will change will be if we decide to concede any areas. But then that isn't #brexitmeansbrexit #brexitbrexibrexit #leavemeansleave etc etc which all the headbangers/disaster capitalists/rich people want.

    Whether it was voted for or not i just can't understand why we'd want to put our country in a worse position than it already is: Current deal > Proposed Deal > Crash out. Why would you want one of the lesser options?? I could understand it if we'd spent the last 50 years as a country pumping millions and millions into various areas of our infrastructure and industries to get them ready for such an event and in effect make us a self sufficient island that doesn't need anyone else, or indeed world leaders in these areas so that people would want to concede our demands for trade, our products etc. But the truth is, we've done the complete opposite... I'm sure there are areas where we are world leaders but there are far more areas where we are seemingly not competitive anymore. (Steel, Power generation etc.)
  3. The_Abyss


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    Did fishermen's friend Nigel Farage also elect to skip English lessons as well as the EU fisheries sessions that he was supposed to attend to represent the UK fishing industry? LOL letter.
  4. loftie


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    So he wants to negotiate a WTO brexit.......
  5. Stretch


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    This is the glaringly obvious question no one ever asked.
  6. banbom44


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    All we are negotiating now is the best bad deal its funny seeing the tory leadership hopefuls all going on about no deal as if it would be fine once they are prime minister they will do the same thing Theresa May has done delay it because no British government would survive a no deal.
  7. DarkHorizon472


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    Why does farage the leader of your brexit party want to simultaneously have a clean break WTO no deal brexit while negotiating a deal with the EU which is in breach of the brexit party constitution ?

    You will notice the actual withdrawal agreement is a detailed document containing hundreds of pages not just a very short vague list of complaints and demands.
  8. Lartyconshayo

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    Isn't this an EU MEP meddling in affairs of the British government. The very thing Nigel is campaigning against ?
  9. Murphy

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    Yes, yes it is....But don't go bringing your logic into this. ;)
  10. The Funktopus


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    Perhaps I can have a seat at the EU negotiating table, as I have the same number of MP’s as the Brexit Party.
  11. garnett


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    But you don't have any manifesto to give you any sort of mandated negotiating position.

    And we have no indication that you have the work ethic and the integrity needed to contribute.

  12. a1ex2001


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    He thinks if we say we are leaving on wto terms we can skip straight to our future arrangements ignoring the fact the EU have said the first thing they would want to talk about following a wto crash out is a divorce bill and residents rights not trade.

    He is as we all know a fantasist he demands a seat st the table because he knows he won’t get one and that rejection can be used to manipulate his supporters. The last thing he really wants is anything to do with resolving this situation as it is too difficult and will require compromises which would mean moving from his simple populist position and cost him his support!
  13. Irish_Tom


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    Has Farage or BXP actually stated what they intend to get out any renegotiation?

    What is it they specifically dislike about the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration and what are they prepared to compromise on to get their preferred outcomes?

    If Nige was still in support of a Norway option this would be a bit clearer but (apparently) that is no longer the case…
  14. a1ex2001


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    His plan as far as I can make out is to bin the withdrawal agreement and declare no deal exit in October which he believes will force the EU back to the negotiating table to minimise the consequences of our crashing out. The EU have repeatedly said they won’t discuss anything until the divorce bill and citizens rights are fixed!
  15. Murphy

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    Don't forget the Irish border, i wonder what they'll call the agreement that will sort out the border, financial commitments and citizens rights that we'll need to agree to before starting trade talks, i would say we could call it the Brexit party agreement but their constitution prevents them from making international agreements and being subject to international law.

    It's sort of funny to watch Farage party supporters advocating for the inclusion of member of the European parliament in negotiations between the UK and the EU when the party they say should be included specifically says they don't support what they want, i guess that's what you get when voting for the undefined.
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  16. RedvGreen


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    This is it. Right there.

    False outrage from a system designed to fail. Perpetuating the myth that he actually wants Brexit and cares about anything other than his buddies and his multi-millions.
    Not before sloping off to Germany or USA having done horrible damage to the UK.
  17. Evangelion


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    Why is Farage asking for a seat at the negotiating table when (a) negotiations were concluded a long time ago, (b) his party is not in power, (c) his party doesn't have a single seat in Parliament, and (d) he insists on a No Deal Brexit, which doesn't require any negotiation in the first place?
  18. efish

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    One team of the governments legal advisors sorts the legal advice it then goes to another department that writes the legal language.

    My understanding is the whole thing has been chaos as it's continual re-writes right up to the wire.

    So much argument and alteration at the top of the food chain.

    These are highly complex documents.

    Not sure how one more big chief attempting to dictate terms makes any difference here.

    Standard chaos as usual.

    With the complex legal drafting done on the hoof and finalized at the last moment.

    Not possible to do detail when all its based on is heated disagreement.

    All that is going on is a constant re-draft from hour to hour and argument to argument.

    Its a chaotic farce. No one knows what they are doing from one minute to the next.

    Farage simply has no democratic mandate to assume the role of great dictator here.

    No matter how much he may desire to undercut the democratic processes and parliamentary democracy and no matter how much his supporters may huff and puff and threaten to blow the house down.

    For the moment at least.
  19. JRS


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    I can't wait for the mental gymnastics from one of the OcUK Brexit Party Fanclub™ that tries to get around that...
  20. efish

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    Standard verbal appeal to vooddoo? The great spirit does not intercede directly in human affairs but requires a 'servant of the spirits' sèvitè or vodouisants, or in plain speaking English terms a Nigel.

    The earthly representative who embodies its spirit.