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The Cheezus Thread - A Startup Journey

Discussion in 'Careers, Employment and Professional Development' started by randomshenans, 18 Jan 2021.

  1. FoxEye


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    Don't take this the wrong way, because it's not a dig.

    It seems to me, with my romantic vision of the past, that 100 years ago a shoemaker would own and run his business and be 99% focused on making shoes.

    These days, the shoemaker would probably be the least paid person in the shoemaking business, and "Head of Marketing and PR" would probably earn 10x as much :p

    It is what it is. The world is run by marketing people, PR and social media people. Or so it appears, to this layman.

    Again not a dig and I know I have no idea about business :p I just find it curious that the app - the tangible product - is just one "customer channel" and all the other channels (social media, etc) are equally if not more important than the actual product.

    Or maybe I'm looking at it wrong, and the product is not just the app, but the - what would they say - "ecosystem surrounding the app" :p

    In either case I wish you the best with your efforts. Do keep updating us!
  2. Chuk_Chuk


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    @randomshenans I don't care about cheese or what they go with, I didn't even know that this was a thing.

    But I love what you are doing and that you are chasing after it. You've inspired me to get at what i'm doing with a more regimented approach.

    Godspeed randomshenans
  3. randomshenans


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    I suppose this is more correct. We have our company mission - what we're aiming to do/ the value we aim to provide. We then have multiple different "products" that could help us achieve that. The app is one of those, in the same way our social channels would be and our website. Each product should have similar users, but the motivators to use / go to each product vary, so you have to understand those audiences and how best to draw people into them. Social, can we build the audiences so they feel our posts provide value, so they follow and interact and adding products to our posts can then help convert? Can we make the app useful enough so that people use it more and again, build that audience so providing sales opportunities means we can convert those users? etc etc

    Ah thanks man. I enjoy documenting it. I love the journey and the process. I learn more each part and it's all a learn and hopefully helps me get further along. Every time I learn I bring it back into the business and try and do that better.

    Just filed our taxes with HMRC - loss of 3,484 - so I managed to spend about 3.5k on getting here - probably more added this year because of general amounts etc. but I think we'll be at about 5k total so far.

    I have another $1k upcoming for dev work - which should get us to our buy / sell cheese functionality.

    I've done all the UI for it now and we've worked out how best to setup the linking of cheeses/ products. Regular meetings happening weekly and getting through stuff which is nice.
  4. randomshenans


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    Had some great tech meetings over the last few weeks, just getting everything in order. We have a pretty much golden path for our beta on this feature release, but had some challenges with data structure etc. with some of the linking of cheese to products and producers and how that will be managed.

    We also were going to use an off the shelf plugin to sync from producers sites to ours, which then shows to the app, but that had a downside of having to pay $30 each producer for the plugin, and we eventually found out it wouldn't give us the flexibility we needed. It allowed us to sync from a producers wooCommerce to ours, but didn't allow us to dictate what was sync'd and where to sync it to. One of the limitations we ran into in general was the fact that wooCommerce has products, but no producer attribute. We need this for the obvious linking between producer and their associated products.


    Getting round this I decided to use the product categories in Woo. Each producer will be a category, which allows you to associate cheese with that producer (you can see our test of this online on the site: https://shop.cheezus.co/product-category/producers/butlers-farmhouse-cheese/) ignore the site itself, this is purely to use for the building and data but gives you the idea. Now we're in the process of putting together the UI side of things, pulling the data from that site to the app in the right structure.
    Dan is working on building out our version of the plugin that will allow us to sync what we choose, to the categories we want on our side.

    Growth has been decent. I'm trying to be more consistent with everything and making that a priority even when work work is busy, which it really is at the moment. Either way, we're still aiming to be ready for a christmas push. Producers have been reaching out looking to get on board, so hoping we have a decent amount to work with and onboard when the time comes. Considering I cannot afford to throw money at it and the progress we're still making, I'm content :) Just need to keep pushing everyone :D

    /My update
  5. Rids


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    You continue to astound me with how you manage to cope with a high pressure day job and still drive through such an impressive side project such as this. Top work mate, genuinely.
  6. randomshenans


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    Some more recent reports on the cheese / dairy industry and the growth.

    Ah thanks man! Great part of it is, now that I work in product as well, it's a nice synergy between both. So it feels like education more than anything! I'm really weird, I don't think I couldn't do something like this. I think I have issues :D Appreciate it though, really.

    Spent some time over lunch setting up woo commerce / revolut business payments gateway so no fees and directly sends the cash from orders into your business account, which is great. Saves any 1-3% fees, which is great and it's super easy.

    Also added some products so Ahmad can crack on with both examples of unique cheeses and more generic ones. In the example above, you see searching for cheddar will obviously yield many results. As such it'll take you to the main cheddar page and then using tags in the backend you'll get all cheddars, such as: https://shop.cheezus.co/?s=cheddar&post_type=product which should be easy enough to hook up to the app as a search string and associate it with the cheddar entity on our app side.

    Scheduled all cheese posts for this week and Ahmad is cracking on with getting the UI done or started anyway tomorrow.

    I was supposed to jump on the bike at lunch but instead ate a cheese board and did this :D
  7. EVH


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    Great project, but the name is very Early-2000 punk rock band. If that makes sense?

    Have you done any market research with different names?
  8. roccles


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    I think Kanye West when I see the name although my favourite punk band of that era was Rancid! Which would be a terrible choice of name :cry:
  9. diamount


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    Would you intend to branch out into non-dairy/vegan cheeses?