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The Conservative Party: Where do we go from here?

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Gigabit, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. ic1male


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    Yeah I just heard on LBC he's spouted anti-semitic garbage. You couldn't make it up.
  2. robfosters


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    Also blaming women for being raped.
  3. doodah


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    I honestly think you couldn't have ****** him/his question up any more if you tried. Calamitous on all counts.
  4. SPG


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    The entire conservative party is calamitous, It really is me and my mates before country 100% of the way. I was listening to them on radio 4 last night and every single on of them is so out of touch with reality its untrue. I am not in shock more disgusted with all of them, astonishing.
  5. Quartz


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    Umm... no. There's a funny dichotomy up here. People vote for the SNP not because they want independence but for everything else the SNP claim they'll do.
  6. Murphy

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    I can't afford a bike. ;)
  7. gettothechopper


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    Just read - the BBC vetted the questioners before the program, including any social media profiles
    The Imam dude reactivated a deactivated twitter account AFTER the program, which people then searched through and found his old dodgy tweets
  8. singularity


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    Just been reading this stuff about Mr Patel, someone or several people need to be fired, totally unacceptable.
  9. Mr Badger


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    Sounds like a false flag operation...

  10. chrcoluk


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    I dont know how to reply, a lot of ignorance in that post I feel. As ironically I think doing things like tax cuts for people who dont need it is ****** money up the wall.

    Brexit is ****** money up the wall.

    Wrecking the economy is ******* up the wall.

    So the poll basically says they ok with the tories making a mess, but only the tories are allowed.

    It really is a sad state of affairs when you think providing needed infrastructure is wasting money, thats the kind of thing someone well off would think as they can survive without a lot of public services.
  11. Lord-Jaffa


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    Sounds about par for the course really.
  12. chrcoluk


    Joined: Feb 27, 2015

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    I suggest you do some research.

    A poll on MSE showed some interesting info in the last GE.

    For people under 35 years of age the #1 concern when voting was housing.
    For people over 50 it barely registered on their radar, was way down the list.

    In my view housing is probably the actual reason labour won over young voters rather than university fees.
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  13. ron3003

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    Imans are just like politicians really, your audience want to listen because you're saying things they like to hear.
  14. BowdonUK

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    So the next voting stages will be;

    Wednesday 19th voting will take place between 3pm to 5pm with the results announced at 6pm.

    Thursday 20th voting will take place between 10am and 12pm with results announced at 1pm.

    If more than 2 are left in the race then another vote will take place between 3.30pm to 5.30pm with the results announced at 6pm.

    Only thing I'm not sure on is if there is a certain vote amount they have to reach, or is it just the last one gets eliminated?
  15. The_Abyss


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    I believe that it is just last place now, whereas in previous rounds the 1922 Committee can select a vote threshold.
  16. chrcoluk


    Joined: Feb 27, 2015

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    I cant see anything other than a boris win.

    And then brexit forced through for been "democratic" but no new GE even tho a new leader takes the party in a new direction.
  17. FTM


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    even though Boris wanted an election when Gordon brown took over as prime minsiter...as it was undemocratic apparently

    I suspect his views will change by some sort of miracle
  18. chroniclard


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    Boris looks to be way out in the lead, however as people drop out will those voters back Boris or the other candidate.....
  19. robgmun


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    I thought i smelled a fish when he came on, as i said last night on this thread, the BBC seems to have selected the most Muslim looking Muslim they could find, so he could ask the most Muslim question he could ask. It was pure cliqued tokenism on the BBC side, like they're not interested in anything else in life
  20. efish

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    The world will change as a new generation takes control, they will alter it to make it more consistent with their own beliefs. To the sorrow of the older generation. As history constantly demonstrates.
    Much the same with immigrants who's children and grandchildren alter to become apart of the enviroment they are raised in and different from where they came.

    U.K. itself is a re-distributive economy, places with a higher tax base, London, the S.E. support the parts with a lower tax base, the North, Wales, Scotland, Ireland.
    Although the wrecking ball for the concept of being British and part of a union is now under pressure as the idea of being part of a community or a large society has been eroded since the 80's.